General Stuff

What is this? Who am I?

As you may well have realized by now, this is a website of some sort, but what more can be said about it when it is still almost completely empty? The URL of the site, gives some clues, and it seems like it might be a name.

In fact, it is. It’s me, Keith Qu. And who might I be? I’m some guy who recently got out of grad school, with a master’s ┬áin economics. Before that I studied business, and before that I studied chemical engineering, and before that I studied economics. It’s kind of a long story, but needless to say I’m glad to be done with school for the time being.

So what is this the purpose of this blog? Let’s see, I’m done school but I enjoy learning new things, so I figure I may as well write about it for an audience of hopefully at least a dozen people. Also, I need a job, and this seems like a good way to learn some new things while also practicing stuff like writing code, analyzing data sets, doing research, and other things that don’t require knowledge of the differences between the metric and product topologies. It’s probably also a good way of staying out of trouble, by which I mean playing Stellaris all day.

I will start with machine learning. Actually, there will probably be a lot of machine learning. In fact, for the foreseeable future this site will be largely devoted to writing about me learning about machine learning, starting with the probability and statistics review. I would like to do some old fashioned empirical stuff as well.